How To Choose Your Countertop Stone

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We understand that selecting a countertop can be a difficult decision and visiting a slab yard can be a bit confusing. On behalf of all of our staff at our 19 locations, we want to break down the process and make this experience easier for you, the consumer. 

What to do when visiting a slab yard:

1. Take your time. We have several aisles lined with natural stone, quartz and premium surface selections to choose from. If you know the type of stone you are looking for, a staff member can guide you to those specific choices. If your plan is to browse the different types before making a selection, a staff member can guide you around the warehouse and educate you on the different types of stone to find one that suits your needs. 

2. You are always welcome to take photos of the slabs you are interested in. Take a minute to note the reference number showcased on the slab in order to remember your selection. 

3. If you already have flooring, backsplash or cabinetry selected, it is a good idea to bring samples of those design elements with you to our store. With these samples, you can pair them next to your stone of interest to make sure they are a good match! Most of our locations have paint charts and some even carry cabinet samples to help you with your selections in case you do not have a sample to bring in. This makes it possible to view your selected slab along with various other aspects of your project. 

4. Last but not least, view the actual slab. If you are choosing a natural stone for your project, such as granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, etc, it is best to view the actual stone you want to use. This is because each slab of natural stone is unique so the appearance can slightly differ from the slab at the front of the bundle. If you see something you like and want to view a specific slab, you will often need to make an appointment due to the weight of the slabs and them needing to be lifted by forklift. Of course, if we can, we will accommodate these requests without an appointment. 

We hope this explanation makes you feel more comfortable in this exciting time of taking on a new project! We pride ourselves in great customer service and will take the best care of you at any location you visit. We always want our customers to leave our showroom feeling the most confident in the decisions they are making, regarding their remodel. Come visit us for your next project where you will have the opportunity to select from hundreds of different stones from around the world. Each natural stone is hand-selected by the operators of the company in an effort to bring the journey to you!

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