How to Maintain Your Quartz Countertops

Caring for quartz countertops, such as those from Pacific Shore Stones®, is relatively easy and doesn't require much effort. Here's a simple guide:

By Pacific Shore Stones

• Daily Cleaning: Wipe down the countertops regularly with a soft cloth or sponge and mild dish soap. This helps remove any spills or stains before they have a chance to set.

• Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Stay away from harsh cleaners like bleach, oven cleaner, or products containing ammonia. These can damage the surface of the quartz.

• Use a Gentle Cleanser for Tough Stains: For stubborn stains, make a paste with baking soda and water. Apply it to the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, then gently scrub with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth.

• Protect from Heat: While quartz, like the quality countertops offered by Pacific Shore Stones®, is heat resistant, it's still a good idea to use trivets or hot pads under hot pans or dishes to prevent any potential damage.

• Prevent Scratches: Quartz is durable, but it's not scratch-proof. Avoid cutting directly on the countertops and use a cutting board instead. Also, be mindful of abrasive materials that could scratch the surface.

• Sealant Maintenance: Unlike natural stone countertops, quartz doesn't require sealing. However, if you notice the sealant wearing off in high-traffic areas, you can reapply it following the manufacturer's recommendations.

• Handle Spills Promptly: Quartz is non-porous, but it's still a good idea to wipe up spills as soon as they happen to prevent any potential staining or damage.

• Avoid Direct Sunlight: Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the color of your quartz countertops to fade over time. Consider using blinds or curtains to block out UV rays if your countertops are near a window.

• Regular Maintenance: While quartz is low-maintenance, it's still a good idea to give your countertops a thorough cleaning periodically to keep them looking their best.

By following these simple steps, you can keep your quartz countertops looking beautiful for years to come!

At Pacific Shore Stones nationwide, we are distributors of all premier quartz brands such as: Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone, LX Viatera, Mikado, Hanstone, and Compac. Overall, quartz countertops are a popular choice for homeowners looking for a durable, low-maintenance option with a wide range of design possibilities.

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