PacShore Tech Porcelain

From the experience of the Pieri family, who have been operating in the traditional ceramic sector for more than 50 years, Pacshore Tech was founded in 2019. A brand specializing in the production of porcelain stoneware in large sizes, suitable for all applications, from flooring to wall tiling for both interiors and outdoors. After an initial period linked to production with raw extrusion technology, which was not overly successful, Pacshore Tech completely overhauled the plant, boosting its quality with the latest technologies. With
the installation of Continua+, Pacshore Tech is now able to offer many decorating solutions that permit the use of material inserts, even in layers within the product. Continua+ is an innovative compacting technology that overcomes the productivity limitations of large sizes, allowing natural variation in the aesthetic effects.

All Pacshore Tech product lines offer a variety of graphics lending creative scope to the most demanding designers, architects, and studio artists to create a classic product that fuses passion, research and excellence capable of reading the time and its ceaseless developments.

The large size of the Big Slabs line (160×320) is offered in two different thicknesses: 1.2 cm and 2 cm (Bianco Extra Polished and Nero Extra Matte are only available in 2 cm). Thanks to the considerable graphical variety, including marbles, cements, and stones, the Big Slabs line adapts perfectly to every type of surface.

Advantages of Porcelain:

After enduring such high fabrication temperatures, it makes sense that the first pro is heat resistance. A porcelain countertop has no problem at all with handling hot pots and pans directly on its surface.

As mentioned earlier, porcelain is even stronger than the hardiest of granite. What’s more, it surpasses the strength of granite and does so at a much lower weight. Porcelain’s tough structure also makes it scratch-resistant. You can slice and dice food right on the countertop without worrying about your knives damaging the surface. Maybe stay away from cleaving meat directly on the counter though.

It’s also impervious to water. According to the Tile Council of North America, porcelain’s water absorption has to be less than 0.5 to pass the strict ASTM C373 materials test. So, you don’t have to stress too much about wiping spills on the counter the moment they occur.

Besides being very low-maintenance in keeping clean, it’s also non-porous and stain-resistant. That’s music to a countertop owner’s ears because it means no sealing work is ever required.

A major advantage that porcelain has over quartz is that it won’t get discoloured by direct and prolonged sunlight. What a relief that is when you can design your kitchen countertop layout free from worries about where the windows are.

As porcelain is an engineered stone, patterns and colours can be added during the fabrication process for the final product. You can get a porcelain countertop with a solid colour. Or if you want, you can get one with a marble-mimicking surface. Then you can achieve the look of marble at many times its durability.

Finally, to top it all off, one of the big plusses of porcelain is its greenness. It’s nice to know you can recycle the material one day far off in the future when it’s time for it to go.