By purchasing the materials on this invoice, customer agrees to the following:

All returns must be in good condition and to be made within 15 days with our Invoice receipt. 25% restocking charge will apply. NO return for special order or non stocking items. All past due invoices will be subject to late charges of 1.5% per month. Returned checks will incur an additional $35.00 fee. Please make all checks payable to Pacific Shore Stones.

QUARTZ AND SINTERED SURFACE PRODUCTS: Warranty provided by the discretion of the Manufacturer (from the original date of installation of material by an approved/certified Fabricator) specific to the original owner/purchaser of this product and contingent on them registering for the warranty according to the instructions given by the Manufacturer. Any issues that arise after the material has been picked up from our facility need to be addressed with the Manufacturer. Proper fabrication guidelines provided by the Manufacturer MUST be followed.

All warranties are for product only and DO NOT include any cost associated with fabrication or re-fabrication of material. All warranties apply only to the repair or replacement of failed material that has been inspected by a designated technician from Manufacturer and permanently installed in your residence. The option to repair or replace the material is at the sole discretion of Pacific Shore Stones and/or the Manufacturer. Material that has been damaged due to mishandling, abnormal use, misuse (physical or chemical), outdoor use (not recommended for quartz with few exceptions – refer to manufacturer) or where it has exposure to direct or sustained heat or cold, pressure or force applied from a person, utensil or object WILL NOT be covered under the warranty. ALL slabs or tiles are subject to etching, staining and scratching if not properly taken care of and while it is heat resistant, it can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. Using hot pads and trivets are always recommended. Pacific Shore Stones is not responsible for damage or injury caused in whole or in part by acts of God, job site conditions, architectural/engineering design, structural movements, acts of vandalism, or accidents.

NATURAL STONE: Marble, granite and any natural stone products are the product of nature and, as such, are subject to natural spots, pits, and variations in color and veining. Warranty is not available for any natural stone. Pacific Shore Stones is not liable in any cause of action resulting from their use in any manner. All treated natural stone are subject to proper fabrication guidelines and it MUST be followed for proper results.

ALL MERCHANDISE is sold in AS IS condition and there are no warranties except for quartz and sintered surface products. Buyer is responsible for inspecting all goods (including quartz) upon pick-up or receipt of the merchandise. Acceptability of product must be resolved prior to cutting of slab(s). Buyer MUST confirm slab correctness before cutting slabs and once slabs are cut, we WILL NOT be liable for quality, variety, shade, color, shade, veining, fissures, cracks or any other problems.