Atlas Plan

Established in 2017, Atlas Plan is a brand driven by a passion for the extraordinary. It is an extension of the legacy of its parent company, Atlas Concorde, a name loved in the ceramic industry since 1969 for its commitment to quality. Together, these two brands set the gold standard for fine craftsmanship, leading-edge technology, and artistic innovation.

Atlas Plan offers large-format ceramic slabs, not just as products, but as a comprehensive design solution. These slabs bring a new lease of life to residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Their distinct beauty and versatility turn these slabs into an artist's dream, offering unlimited design potential.

Imagine your kitchen or bathroom, going from ordinary to extraordinary with Atlas Plan. Simple chores like meal preparation or casual conversations can feel like an adventure or a treasured memory. Whether it's a desk soaking in your ambition or a counter that fits into your daily routine, Atlas Plan adds a touch of elegance and timeless charm to everything.

Even when you step outdoors, Atlas Plan continues to weave its magic. Their porcelain stoneware slabs can turn buildings and floors into stunning visual pieces, blending with and enhancing the surrounding environment.

Choosing Atlas Plan means more than just selecting a ceramic slab. It means embracing a design philosophy that cherishes beauty without forgetting function—a philosophy embedded in the very craftsmanship of each slab.

At Pacific Shore Stones, we are proud to offer Atlas Plan's collection, providing you the unique opportunity to experience their array of products. We offer information, inspiration, and guidance, whether you're an industry professional or a homeowner with a dream project. Our knowledgeable team is here to walk you through everything Atlas Plan has to offer—an ensemble of innovation, passion, and sophistication, where architecture meets imagination.
Let Pacific Shore Stones help you realize the potential of your spaces with Atlas Plan.

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