Overby Overhaul Collaboration Featuring Gorgeous Marble From Pacific Shore Stones

What is better than a long-awaited remodel project finally coming to fruition? Not much, especially when the stone selections are drop dead gorgeous!

Back in Spring of this year, our Springdale location was approached to be a part of a collaboration called the Overby Overhaul. The amazing commercial and residential Interior Designer, Lee Anne Stelte, teamed up with the well-known social media star Jo Johnson Overby to tackle the remodeling of her dream home.

jojohnsonoverbyhome20 (1)

It started with complete demolition of their kitchen and bathroom spaces, torn down to the studs. That is when Lee Anne brought Jo into our showroom to select the material that would be used for the brand-new kitchen and master bathroom. Upon their visit, Jo selected Monet Marble for the bathroom countertops (dual vanities) with the thick edge that she “loved the look of with the suspended mirrors and modern fixtures that they chose for the sink.” They also took that Monet marble into the shower where they clad one wall and it paired oh so well with the sage tile on the other walls.

jojohnsonoverbyhome19 (1)

For the kitchen, they went with the bold Calacatta Viola marble on the backsplash and perimeter as their statement piece. Sourced from one of Italy’s oldest quarries, Viola showcases rich red wine veining over a creamy white base that makes for a dramatically elegant upgrade to any space. To complement the marble, Jo selected Hermitage Matte Cambria quartz which features delicate gold veining swirls with a waterfall edge.

jojohnsonoverbyhome2 (1)

For more behind the scenes and photos, follow Jo on Instagram at @jojohnsonoverby & Lee Anne at @whitelinedesigns

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