New Countertops for Pasadena Family in Need – SGV Habitat for Humanity

Pacific Shore Stones is extremely honored to be a part of a passionate project with the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity. “Building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter” is the motto and through the gift of quartz countertops, we were able to help a family’s dream! The recipient of this project was a mother of two children trying to make a living after the passing of her beloved husband last year. To make ends meet, the mother started a baking business but due to the condition of her kitchen, she was renting space from a restaurant to use their kitchen and produce her baked goods.


With the help of San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity connecting us with this family, the kitchen remodel and brand-new quartz countertops will allow this woman to obtain her cottage license and grow her business from home to provide for her family. When it comes to food preparation, quartz is a perfect choice because it is non-porous and hygienic, meaning bacteria will not harbor and grow!


After the remodel, while connecting with the homeowner, she said that “the quartz countertops are [her] favorite part of the whole kitchen! As a baker – being able to roll out dough on the seamless countertops without worrying about crevices and grout is a life changer." This is truly the best part of giving and being a part of these projects – seeing how we can impact the lives of others. We wish this Pasadena family the best of luck with this business and hope that these quartz countertops are the start of something great!


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