The New American Home 2019 featuring Caesarstone throughout

New American HomeAn epitome of contemporary-modern design, The New American Home of 2019 showcases the most modern in design – an open structure completely surrounded by windows and flat, overlapping rooftops. Located in Henderson, Nevada this is the 36 edition of exhibition homes used to display the latest in technology and design. In the 8,000 plus square foot space designed and built by Sun West Custom Homes, Daniel Coletti, the owner of the firm, had a vision of using contemporary structural elements including exposing beams, suspending the wet bar with cables and the bed with steel. One key, unique feature in the home that was thought up by Mr. Coletti was the shower. When entering the bathroom, you are able to look through the doors of the shower all the way through to the closet which showcases a section of backlit, caramel, semi-precious stone by Caesarstone. Another innovative element is the dual, sixteen-foot, indoor-outdoor fireplace separated by an automatic, sliding, glass door. The owner of Sun West wanted to showcase tons of movement which was achieved with the help of Explosion Lime quartzite on the island of the kitchen. Senior interior designer, Suzanne Czar stated that Caesarstone provided them with all of the materials they needed, from remaining countertops to accent features hung on the wall. Each room throughout the house displayed Caesarstone in some aspect whether it be a bathroom vanity, laundry room sink or entertainment space.

New American Home

The partners of Pacific Shore Stones attended KBIS in Las Vegas during mid-February. As special guests, they had the opportunity to attend the party event at The New American Home in Henderson where they received a tour and learned all about the making of the home. Later in the night, they were granted an award by Caesarstone – the provider of all the beautiful material featured throughout the luxurious home! As Suzanne Czar states, “good design is about color and balance, architecturally sound pieces and things of interest” which were all combined in the successful making of the 2019 New American Home!

New American Home

All of the beautiful, unique designs provided in the home by Caesarstone quartz are available at all Pacific Shore locations including California, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and Arkansas. Come visit us to shop our selection for your next project!

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