Designer Spotlight: Taylor & Randy Charpia from Calling Charleston Home Real Estate

My name is Taylor Charpia and I am from Summerville, SC. From a young age, design and real estate have always sparked my interest. I moved away during college to study marketing at Clemson and after graduation settled back into the LowCountry where I have been for the last 11 years. 

My Father Randy Charpia and I have been working together my entire life. My Dad has been building and remodeling homes for 40+ years. We thrive off of each other’s creativity and it was a natural transition for me to enter the world of real estate & design. I have been a Realtor for 8 years and remodeling homes full time for the last 3 with my Father. 

Our latest project was a year long remodel of a 70’s beach home on Isle Of Palms. This is our third beach house remodel. This particular project was our biggest yet and went over budget and took much longer than anticipated… but wow did it turn out great! 

Our favorite part of remodeling homes follows the saying “a rising tide raises all ships.” What this means is a home remodeled correctly inspires your neighbors to improve their curb appeal, raises the surrounding property value when sold, creates local good paying jobs, and last, it provides a wonderful home to the new owner! 

My Father and I love what we do and hope you enjoy a glimpse into our life. 
Below is an interview we did with Taylor and Randy at Pacific Shore Stones Charleston in an effort to learn more about them and what inspires their work! The photos are from a couple recent projects they have done using our Aquamarine marble. 

Go-to color for painting a kitchen? 

White walls and cabinets and let the color come from the backsplash and countertops. 

Aquamarine marble

Favorite part about interior designing?

The transformation!

How would you describe your style? 

Clean lines, minimalistic , and functional. 

Favorite trend(s) of the year? 

White walls with accessories giving the room color, Shiplap, Marble Counters 

Where do you go to get design inspiration?

I am in houses every day for work so the trends I see daily and I lean on my past for the traditional aspect of my design.

What inspires you at the moment?

The mix of modern with traditional design. 

Aquamarine marble

What kind of works do you usually prefer? 

I love a kitchen remodel. Lots of tv shows give the perception that you need big bucks for a refresh but that is just not the case. Some of my favorite remodels used existing cabinets with new shaker style fronts, new countertops, new appliances, tiled backsplash, and new hardware. These remodels typically run under 10-15k.    

What do you consider before designing?

Budget and time frame.

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