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Melisa Clement

As a born artist, I’ve always loved working with my hands creating beautiful things. My degree in Fine Art educated me in composition, light, color, and textures, but it is my love for creating sanctuaries that motivates me to remodel houses. I love buying a house and fixing it up to its full potential. I’m drawn to remodeling because I also feel compelled to make something once-loved into something better – to find the untapped beauty and ultimate “song” each home has to sing from deep inside it.  Tapping into that inner voice of each home  (whether it’s a remodel, or a new build), and growing it into a beautiful harmonious symphony, is my goal in each of my projects.  I have bought, fixed up, and sold more than 35 homes in the last 10 years here in Austin, my family’s home-town for 5 generations now.

Below is an interview we did with Melisa Clement at Pacific Shore Stones Austin in an effort to learn more about her and what inspires her work! The photos are from a couple projects she did using our Bianco Rhino, Palau Stretto, and Neolith Calcutta Gold. Melisa Clement is a remodeler and designer in Austin, Texas. She was awarded Best Interior Design in 2018! 

Go-to color for painting a kitchen?

My go-to color for kitchen walls is Kelly Moore’s Country Cotton. It has a perfect milky white feel that I love! I also use it in an oil-base for doors, trim & baseboards 99% of the time. Natural wood in a kitchen is my absolute favorite, so I’ll almost always have it somewhere (as open shelves or as cabinetry), but I also use accents of colors drawn from nature (especially blues and greens), whether its as cabinets or backsplash tile.

Bianco Rhino Marble

Favorite part about interior designing?

The thing I love most about interior designing is the power that comes to bear when combinations of natural light, new paint, fresh finishes and textures come together in my mind and on paper to create an entirely new space out of what was once dark and dated…and then I get to see it happen in real life before my eyes! It’s truly miraculous!! Remodeling, specifically, takes a lot of puzzling and piecing, and finding solutions to complex problems. I find it exhilarating!

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my design style as Earthy Eclectic Modern; I think of it as rich in light, and meandering in composition, with lots of natural elements thrown in the mix.

Favorite trend(s) of the year?

 Some of my favorite trends this year include the influx of minimalist architecture and the continued fascination with Mid-Century Modern architecture and furnishings. I’m also loving everything textural!! Natural fibers, woven light fixtures, stonework, handmade tiles, anything that goes “bump” visually! Deep jewel-toned cabinets mixed with natural wood and white in a kitchen, and oversized lighting in a minimalist/ neutral palette is another trend I’m leaning into heavily in my own work.  Keeping things crisp and clean, but with bumps of texture and tones is forever my favorite!

Neolith Calcutta Gold

Where do you go to get design inspiration?

When I want design inspiration, I go to nature. The color combinations in fruits, trees, and flowers is never-ending and astounding! So many different colors and textures of stone and wood varieties! Once I get a mental mood board for a project in mind, I go online and start my search for the items I need to make it happen. Pinterest makes it so easy to file away my thoughts and keep things organized visually, but I’ve found that my truest inspiration comes as I am away from a screen and can just sit in the house I’m currently working on, and dream & sketch.

What inspires you at the moment?

On a personal level, my everyday inspiration comes from my sweet family. My husband and my 5 kids are my greatest fan club, and they are constantly cheering me on. On an artistic level, I’m currently inspired by monumental white stone and blue skies, with ocean views, although that might just be my internal timer telling me it’s time for a vacation! 😉

What kind of works do you usually prefer?

My preference for any work or item I use is that it be nature-made, handmade or thoughtfully crafted. A cut tree log from nature makes a better side table than a cheap piece of furniture. I love anything unique or bespoke. As far as work projects go, I am definitely at my best when I have complete creative control and can let my mind dream and create. This is another reason I love flipping houses!

Palau Stretto

What do you consider before designing?

Before designing any space, I consider first of all the natural lighting, and how to make the very most of it, or create more of it. Secondly, I consider layout/ movement/ flow. Most every decision after that is as a result of those two objectives.  I also try to remodel as if I were moving into the house myself, and would have to live with the placement/ sizing choices I’ve made. This keeps me from making too many choices based solely off of current trends  that may be impractical for the average home buyer.

Bianco Rhino Marble

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