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Erzen Malone Interiors design group is a full service interior design firm based in Orange County, California led by Jane ERZEN and Lauren MALONE specializing in projects of all shapes and sizes including residential and commercial remodels and new builds. With a curated contemporary style that mixes textures and timeless pieces with a Californian sensibility, Erzen Malone delivers award-winning service and innovative design for every client.


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Erzen Malone Interiors is focused on creating spaces that are positive respites to call home. A holistic place that represents one's individuality, their journey, and a well curated life. We design with a Californian contemporary sensibility that works to nourish an entire experience in a home or commercial space. We believe in supporting local craftsmen and artisans to create one-of-a-kind pieces for clients. At the same time we recognize the beauty in the past and the wealth of stories that are attached to vintage items and furniture. We work with quality sources to provide our clients with exceptional products, textiles, and artwork. Elevating spaces to their highest potential-again and again.


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Erzen Malone Interiors supports the efforts and initiatives of the following:

+ Special Spaces

+ National Charity League

+ Mission Hospital Orange County - Valiant Women

+ Find Your Anchor


Go to color for painting a kitchen? Right now wood cabinets in kitchens plus warm or darker moody colors are trending for a kitchen. The era of light and bright kitchens is being contrasted with kitchens that feel earthy and natural with touches of classic yet modern finishes. Green is having a huge moment and we love Farrow and ball Studio Green, Kismet by Backdrop, and Salamander by Benjamin Moore for richer, more traditional dark green that has a POP! For a more neutral olive green we love a 50/50 mix of Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive and Pewter Green. We like London Clay by Farrow and Ball as well for a deep whole room color: walls, trim, ceiling used in a powder bathroom or bedroom. We still favor white on walls and our favorite colors for that are Milk Glass (for a warmer bright white), White Picket Fence (for a classic brighter white) and White Heron, for more of a putty green undertone white, all by Dunn Edwards. For cabinets we have been doing strong white, which has a bit of warmth and is a few shades darker than the walls to help create just a hint of contrast or Shaded White which has a gray undertone both by Farrow and Ball. 


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Favorite part about interior designing? Being an interior designer is the gift of being creative. The best part is having a "vision" and then getting to see the pieces you conceptualize come together in a way that actually brings that vision to life! We also appreciate getting to know our clients, learning about their history, and personalities then in turn having a chance to reflect their uniqueness in the design. We both have backgrounds in journalism and so we really appreciate each person's unique story. Finding small ways to have their home reflect who they are is one of our favorite parts of our job!

How would you describe your style? Erzen Malone Interiors focuses on a curated, contemporary, Californian style that pushes the envelope with modern bold choices layered on top of traditional and classic foundations. We’re not afraid to blend vintage with contemporary. We prefer an elevated, sophisticated look that can stand the test of time, but feels fresh and livable. We both have young children so we appreciate a home that feels rich and layered, in a modern organic wall but that is also livable for a family or inviting for friends. 


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Favorite trend(s) of the year? Bold surfaces with lots of movement is our favorite trend right now. Whether a marble or quartzite, we are using these dramatic surfaces in both kitchens and bathrooms, for both countertops and walls! The organic, unruly nature of these stones is a perfect way to create interest in a space that is still subtle enough to maintain a classic and clean vibe, while having a dramatic touch! As for color palettes, we love browns, greens and blacks layered on top of a white base. 

What inspires you at the moment? Art, nature, music, film, fashion, history, and architecture all provide boundless amounts of inspiration for us. As for products in a project, lighting is something that can really set the vibe of a room. This is a place to get creative and determine what you want the energy of the room to possess. Right now we are loving vintage milk glass chandeliers, counter weight lights, and also forgoing recessed lights all together for semi flush exposed bulbs or floor lamps to create an ambience. 

What kind of work do you usually prefer? We prefer projects where we get to work on a space from start to finish, whether it's just one room or a whole home. Every decision in a design project is an important piece of the puzzle that we feel requires thoughtful analysis. We love projects where we get to go through each of these decisions one by one to ensure that they all speak to the overall design of the space. Projects that allow for creative freedom, that are open to trying new things, and uncovering how the client can thrive in their space.

What do you consider before designing? We consider the bones of the home and the land in which it dwells. The environment in which the home or project lives helps dictate the design and color palette. Often clients are drawn to a space because of its specific architecture or style and we then want to be able to tell our clients personal story through their aesthetic choices. Each person, family or commercial space has their own unique origin and we want to help bring their story and design dreams to life. 

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