Designer Spotlight: Haleigh Stout

A-Line Designs is an Interior Design Firm serving the Oklahoma City Metro since 2009. We specialize in residential and commercial remodels, as well as new construction.
Busy professionals are looking for an expert guide in the field of Interior Design. A-Line provides an Interior Design Plan through a simplified process that will create a timeless and beautiful space.
Interior Designer, Haleigh Stout, graduated from the Interior Design Program at Oklahoma State University. After graduation, she went on to work for a commercial design firm in Dallas, Texas, where she focused on creating high-functioning corporate spaces, while honing her knowledge and skills in space planning, finish applications, construction documents, and code regulations. After leaving Dallas, Haleigh returned to her home state of Oklahoma and joined our team to continue pursuing her passion for design. As Interior Designer for A-Line Designs, Haleigh creates all commercial and residential designs and works closely with clients and contractors during all phases of design.
Haleigh Stout
  1. Go-to color for painting a kitchen?

Can never go wrong with a creamy white to brighten up a kitchen. Nothing too cold but not too buttery. SW Alabaster is a great go-to!

  1. Favorite part about interior designing? 

That every project is so different. Each project/space tells a different story and I love watching it come to life!

  1. How would you describe your style? 

For a client I try not to reflect too much of my personal style to make sure it aligns with their vision, however my personal style I would describe as Southern California, or Organic eclectic modern

Haleigh Stout
  1. Favorite trend(s) of the year? 

Warm tones! Love seeing warm tones and more organic colors and textures coming into play. Out with the cold and in with warm! Also love the lighter wood stains, and bringing back more wood richness rather than everything being painted.

  1. Where do you go to get design inspiration? 

A little bit of everywhere. I use Pinterest/Instagram often but also love picking up a catalog and seeing what's new or going to market!

  1. What inspires you at the moment? 

Wallpaper and fabrics. Seeing new patterns gives me a boost of inspiration for each project.

  1. What kind of work do you usually prefer? 

At our firm we do both commercial and residential. I have a love for both of them so do not want to pick!

  1. What do you consider before designing? 

Function and performance. How does this space function and what needs to be accommodated. After answering those key questions I come up with designs that try to enhance those and give them more efficiency

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