2019 Remodeling Trends

As we research the ongoing design trends of 2019, we are constantly noticing kitchen remodels are increasingly popular. As in previous years, countertops are continuously the most popular feature to be replaced during a kitchen renovation, coming in at a whopping 93%! Backsplash replacements are a close second in which 87% of homeowners replace their backsplash during a renovation, followed by sinks, faucets and plumbing features, light fixtures, cabinets, and flooring. Comparing to 2018, fewer homeowners (35%) are enlarging their kitchens during a remodel, which is about 6% less than those that were enlarging kitchens last year. In regards to the money being spent on home remodeling, kitchens command the highest median dollar amount spent, which is $11,000. 

If you’re looking for the trendy kitchen cabinet color to use in your remodel, the answer remains white. While white is the number one choice in the industry, gray is starting to breakthrough, being used in 1 out of 10 cabinets remodels. Matte nickel fixtures are the number one choice when pairing with both white and gray cabinets but chrome and stainless steel are close second choices. 

White countertops continue to grow in popularity. When selecting countertops, 1 out of 3 homeowners selects a shade of white, which has increased by 4% from 2018. Slightly fewer homeowners are prone to selecting multi-colored countertops and gray countertops are the least popular at 13% in 2019. White is also dominating the backsplash and wall selection at a rate of 35% this year, which is about the same as last year! The battle of natural stone and quartz continues to rage when it comes to homeowners selecting a countertop during their home renovation. This can be due to many reasons including the fact that quartz contains a consistent pattern, natural stone is extremely durable, and both are easy to maintain! 

For any questions regarding natural stone or quartz, how to care for and the advantages and disadvantages of each, please contact your nearest Pacific Shore Stones location. All locations can be visited at any time, and there is no need to make an appointment when shopping for your countertop needs! 

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