Designer Spotlight: Becca Jones at Becca Jones Interiors

Becca Jones Interiors offers full service design and a la carte design in Charleston, SC and beyond. With a design philosophy that a home should feel collected and modern, lived in and curated, Becca Jones Interiors will help capture your vision and bring it to life!

Below is an interview we did with Becca Jones at Pacific Shore Stones Charleston in an effort to learn more about her and what inspires her work! The photos are from a project she did using our Calacatta Belgia Honed  and Black Soapstone.

Becca Jones

I have loved style and design for as long as I can remember and always dreamed of creating a place for me to share this love with others. I am an entreprenuer at heart and took the leap to start an interior design firm and have loved every day of it since. Even though I grew up in Florida, my roots have always been in the Lowcountry, spending all of my summer days on the creeks and beaches of Edisto, what a joy it is to be designing homes with these same marsh surroundings!

Predominantly white marble with subtle gold veining to add depth and movement.
Photography: Andrea Kinnear, Builder: Carl Owens, Designer: Becca Jones

Go-to color for painting a kitchen?

White walls in kitchens are still taking the lead for the most used paint color. However, cabinet colors are trending towards darker moodier colors (green, black, navy) as well as a resurgence in natural wood cabinets like white oak and walnut. When you are considering your white paint color for walls, move toward whites with warm or gray undertones such as Sherwin-Williams Alabaster, Benjamin Moore White Dove and Farrow & Ball Wevet.

Favorite part about interior designing?

I absolutely love my job! I get asked all the time what my favorite type of project is. I still haven’t landed on an answer. I love new construction because the possibilities are endless and it is so fun to dream up something from nothing, selecting every little detail. But, I love renovations because it is a puzzle. I enjoy working around what is there and problem solving. Most of all I love creating beautiful spaces for clients and their families to live life in, what an honor!

Predominantly white marble with subtle gold veining to add depth and movement.
Photography: Andrea Kinnear, Builder: Carl Owens, Designer: Becca Jones

How would you describe your style?

In a few words I would describe my style as: warm and modern, timeless yet unexpected, balanced and curated. I like to push the boundaries just a touch to keep things interesting! I strive to really keep each project unique to itself, designed for the client and home.

Favorite trend(s) of the year? 

I am enjoying the comeback of warm colors. They feel so inviting and cozy to me, and when executed well, it can still feel clean and fresh. I also am noticing a trend toward bolder stone selections for counter surfaces and tile. I love it!

Where do you go to get design inspiration?

When I find myself needing inspiration I try to remove myself from screens and publications and giving my mind a minute to rest. Typically, I come up with my most creative ideas when I give myself space to think. I love being near the water, so you could probably find me there, thankfully we have plenty of that around Charleston! That being said, I do get inspired by other designers and love that social media has connected the design world (Kelly Wearstler, Katie Hodges, Amber Interiors, Courtney Bishop to name a few).

What inspires you at the moment?

My girls, Emi and Charlie. I love that my job allows me to work hard and spend time with them. They love visiting job sites and seeing what I am working on. I am so grateful for the gift of teaching them to go for their dreams such as love, beauty, and running a business. These are all gifts that I learned from my parents.  And, while trends come and go, and I find my design selections being inspired by different color palettes, textures and moods, they are a constant that is always inspiring me.

What kind of works do you usually prefer? 

I love working on anything where I can exercise creativity and my clients trust my vision. This is when the best results and most creative coherent projects are produced!

What do you consider before designing?

When designing a space I always consider the use of the space. I want my designs to be beautiful and timeless, but I also want them to be logical and livable for my clients.

A velvet black surface with deep grey and white veining running across.
Photography: Andrea Kinnear, Builder: Carl Owens, Designer: Becca Jones

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