New Porcelain Collection: Pacshore Tech

Pacific Shore Stones has recently introduced a new porcelain collection, the own-brand line named Pacshore Tech to the market. The new product line features several colors inspired by natural and semi-precious stones, offering a versatile range of choices to suit different tastes and applications. Porcelain is a ground-breaking, popular alternative to natural stone, offering many similar benefits for both residential and commercial projects at a competitive price.

Both natural stone and porcelain are resistant to scratching, staining and heat, but porcelain takes it slightly up a notch with a Moh’s hardness rating of about 8! Porcelain is UV resistant and non-porous which means it will not fade, stain, harbor bacteria and mold, or need to be sealed!

Our Pacshore Tech line is available in a variety of colors ranging from whites that resemble marbles, to darker shades and even agates that resemble semi-precious surface options. They also come in matte or polished finishes depending on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

These materials are available in our central regions including Olive Branch, San Antonio, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Little Rock and Springdale. In California, we have the same reputable product but in slightly different designs and these are known as Ntech.

More information about Pacshore Tech Porcelain can be found at:​-tech