Designer Spotlight – Michelle Pelech at Michelle Pelech Interiors

“Design for the way you want to live.”
intelligent. inspired. insightful.
Based out of Arroyo Grande, California Michelle Pelech Interiors (MPI) has designed countless projects across the Central Coast, creating custom interiors for renovations as well as new construction that truly stand the test of time.
Michelle's talented team enjoys collaborating with knowledgeable, dependable local contractors, architects, and artisans. Together, they share a commitment to beautiful, inspired designs, that balance form and function.
Originally from Chicago, Michelle began her design career while working in the custom drapery and upholstery industry while attending Harrington Institute of Interior Design on Michigan Avenue. After starting and running one of the top firms in Libertyville, Illinois in 1993, she and her family relocated to California in 2010 and she sold the firm. After taking a couple of years off to settle into the laid back, lovely Central Coast, Michelle began helping friends with remodeling projects. She soon found herself running a busy firm again. Her work ethic and
ambition has led both of her businesses to success.
The ultimate focus of MPI is to design for the way you want to live at home. Outside those walls, life is complicated and fast. Inside, your home should be easy, uncluttered and comfortable. Whether you're looking for help with a ground-up design, or simply choosing paint colors and tile, they’ll help you get there. As far as style, you could say their "thing" is practical beauty.
1. Go-to color for painting a kitchen?
I tend toward white paint for kitchen walls. The kitchen is all about the finishes
and the walls should act as a pleasant backdrop.
Here are some of my favorites:
Sherwin-Williams Eider White, SW 7014 - cooler
Benjamin Moore Acadia white - warmer
Benjamin Moore Cloud White - warmer
2. Favorite part about interior designing?
Interacting with my clients and helping them recognize what they really want and need is the best part of my job. People are interesting. I like to get to know everyone I work with. The more I know about the way my clients live (or want to live) the easier the process. I also enjoy problem solving. Challenges motivate me. I feel like there’s always a way, even when something seems impossible. Renovation and space planning satisfy my need to problem solve and create practical beautiful spaces.
3. How would you describe your style?
Accommodating. I love to interpret the homeowners personal look and desires
with my professional experience and instincts. I can honestly appreciate every
style and enjoy designing for everyone. Life would be dull if we repeated the
same esthetic everywhere we went. Personally, I lean toward understated, comfortable and timeless design with elements that are very current (even trendy) but easily updated.
4. Favorite trend(s) of the year?
Painted and stained cabinetry! The new stain colors are softer and almost milky.
They pair well with almost any color, but the best colors are not bold, but more
subdued and earthy. I think the current trends tend toward peace and well-being. I can relate and I like it.
5. Where do you go to get design inspiration?
Nature, and my surroundings in general inspire me. I see things in other things
and apply them in design. After a recent road from California to Seattle, I’m inspired by old growth trees, the lines in their bark, the colors of the ocean and
the moss on the ground. There are many layers of beauty in nature and I think a home should have layers of beauty as well.
6. What inspires you at the moment?
Art. A room isn’t finished without it. Art takes on many forms and it’s such a personal choice. Sculpture, watercolors, digital, modern, traditional, the
opportunities are endless and what one client may find spectacular, another feels indifferent, or even dislikes.. It’s fun to figure out first, what belongs in a space, and second, what triggers positive feelings.
7. What kind of works do you usually prefer?
Original, one of a kind design. I’m not a fan of the latest and greatest as a look. I believe in following trends in a minimal, easy to change way. Even in commercial projects, you won’t find our work dull or predictable. We’re always aiming for the “wow” factor.
8. What do you consider before designing?
The end result. Always start with the end in mind. Understand the expectations of the client, understand the budget, understand how a remodel relates to the
whole project (interior relates to exterior, for example).

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