Make A Statement With Stone

Today, homeowners are looking to design bathrooms that make them feel pampered and provide a sense of well-being when they step foot inside. In response, design professionals are upping the ante to create spaces that exude luxury.


Now more than ever, consumers are requesting natural stone. Maybe due to the pandemic and spending more time at home, they want a space that is unique and aesthetically pleasing while accommodating them comfortably! Natural stone is the perfect solution... every piece is extremely gorgeous and no two are the same, not to mention there are tons (talking thousands) of choices so the only issue would be deciding which stone to go with! A beautiful stone serves as the focal point of the design and can really set the tone for the rest of the elements.

Photo by Brooke Mason

A current focus is rich veining, specifically in exotic marbles. These patterns bring movement and interest to the surface, whether it be a kitchen island or perimeter countertops, a bathroom vanity, the walls of a shower, surrounds of a tub, flooring... the opportunities are endless!

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