Caring for and Maintaining Your Caesarstone Surface

Looking for a low maintenance, easy to care for countertop to use on your remodel? Caesarstone quartz surfaces may be the perfect choice for you.
Because these surfaces are non-porous, there is no need for a sealant or wax and therefore, they can easily be wiped clean. This brand is backed by the National Sanitary Foundation for Food Preparation Areas and also comes with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can enjoy these materials with no worries. To maintain the cleanliness of your quartz surface, follow these simple steps:

1. Clean with a non-abrasive solution with bleach.
2. Rinse with a damp paper towel, cloth or sponge.
3. Dry with a paper towel.

As you can see, there is no fuss or hassle in keeping your countertops as clean as when you bought them. Spill nail polish remover? Just use nail polish remover and rinse. Was your countertop exposed to acid from your fruit? Simply rinse right away to avoid stains from prolonged exposure. Tough stains such as pen and key marks or rust can be just as easily removed with a cleaner containing oxalic acid and rinsed with water. If you take pride in being environmentally friendly, you can even create your own cleaner using two ingredients: vinegar and water for just as effective of a wipe down.

Caesarstone is stain, heat and scratch resistant. If you have a spill, just clean it up in a timely manner using the steps above to keep it good as new. Just as with anything, too much heat for a period of time may cause damage so we suggest always using trivets or hot pads when placing heat on the surface. Honed, concrete and motivo surfaces by Caesarstone require a tad bit more daily maintenance to keep them looking brand new, but the process is just as easy! These finishes have slightly more exposed surface area than polished finishes and therefore, may show more signs of daily living.

2 thoughts on “Caring for and Maintaining Your Caesarstone Surface”

  1. I like how you said that caesarstone countertops are easy to wipe clean because they are non-porous and don’t require a sealant or wax. My husband and I are looking to replace our old, scratched up, kitchen countertops with a new, smooth material. After reading this, we’ll definitely have to find a caesarstone countertop provider in our area that can help get us this nice, new, sleek, look in our kitchen that we can easily maintain and keep clean for years to come.

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