How to clean your granite countertop

Granite is a beautiful addition to any home. Once you’ve invested in your granite countertops, you’ll want to know how best to care for them.

We recommend that you discuss sealing any type of stone you purchase with your installer, who will be able to advise you on this.  In some rare cases you may want an untreated stone, but on the whole to protect your granite and make it easier to care for, we recommend that you have your installer apply a sealer. You can then re-seal your granite after this periodically yourself with products you can purchase to use at home, every 1-2 years, to keep the stone in good condition.

Cleaning your granite countertops is quite easy, and you only need a few basic items:

  • a large, soft, non-abrasive rag or cloth,
  • paper towels,
  • and mild dish soap. (Never use an acidic cleaner on your stone as this could damage the countertop.)

Steps for Cleaning Your Granite Countertop

  1. First pour a small amount of dish soap onto the soft cloth, and wet the cloth to work the soap through it.
  2. Then simply wipe the surfaces with the soapy cloth, adding more water and soap as needed if you are cleaning a large countertop area.
  3. Lastly, wipe down the surfaces with a wet paper towel to remove any soap residue, and finish with a dry paper towel to dry all the surfaces. It shouldn’t be necessary to scrub hard if you maintain the granite by wiping up any cooking spills right after they occur with a wet paper towel.

Granite is a very durable stone which is relatively easy to care for. You will enjoy your granite for many years to come if you look after it by wiping up spills immediately, always using a trivet with hot pans, cleaning It regularly with mild products, and re-sealing periodically.