Kitchen trends – reflecting homeowner lifestyle choices

silver-waveKaty Kerbage from our Austin location recently attended an ASID presentation about Trends in Kitchen Design. Presenter Amy Kerr from Subzero talked about how today’s kitchens are built around the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality.  Here are three key trends highlighted in the presentation:


1. Kitchens are becoming larger

The current trend is for many homeowners to forgo an informal dining room or breakfast area in favor of kitchen bars with seating.  Larger kitchens have in turn increased the demand for larger appliances and fixtures, to help balance the look of the space. The increase in kitchen size has also been driven by needs of multi-generational households and the work from home movement, with built in offices and study nooks.

2. Multiple material countertops

Rather than sticking to just one choice of countertop material, consumers are increasingly opting to mix and match different countertops in the kitchen. Often this can mean one choice for the island, and another for the countertop. Popular options include mixing quartz and granite, or quartzite and wood.

3. Increased food preparation space

The increase in popularity of organic food and fresh food has seen a reduction in freezer sizes, while at the same time refrigerators have become larger. The move toward fresh food has also meant an increase in countertop space, to allow more room for food preparation.