Designer Spotlight: Megan Molten Interior Designer

Megan Molten is the owner and lead designer at Designs by Megan Molten in the Charlston, South Carolina area. She loves interiors, fashion, food, and fun! She dove into the interior design world right after she purchased and designed her own home in Charleston, while sharing all about it! She has a passion for light and airy designs and is extremely detail oriented. 

Below is an interview we did with Megan Molten at Pacific Shore Stones Charleston in an effort to learn more about her and what inspires her work! The photos are from a project she did using our Gloria Venato. 

1. Describe your creative process. 
I  actually just wrote a blog post about our Design Process-you can read that here.  As far as the creative part of our process-that comes into play very early on into a project. I  always ask my clients to send photos of spaces they love so I  can understand what their eye is drawn to. From there I  take my design aesthetic, what appeals to my client and combine it to create something unique. As I'm procuring for a client I'm always referencing my high point album for photos of items I  saw and loved at market as well as my instagram. I  saved hundreds of images a week that I'm inspired by and often reference them to get my creative juices flowing!
2. What kind of questions do you ask before beginning a design project? What piece of information is of utmost value?
Budget, Timeline, Photos of Inspiration. If I  can see those three things first I'll know if we are a good fit for the project or not. We also have a very detailed contact form here which asks our clients everything we need to know prior to scheduling a consultation. 

3. How do you get unstuck creatively? 

I  spend time alone in front of my computer and take that vision that's in my head for a space and put it on a mood board. If I  can see all the pieces I'm envisioning for a space together on one screen in front of me then I  can pull the project together-it's really all about cohesiveness. II find that's the only place I  can get stuck-I'm obsessive about making sure each piece is a compliment to the next and it all tells the same story. 
Gloria Venato Photographed by Margaret Wright
Gloria Venato Photographed by Margaret Wright
4. Tell us about a project which has been your greatest achievement. 
I  would say my first full complete renovation which you can read about here for the process and see the after photos here-It's our Park West project. I  learned so much about working with a contractor, mistakes that can be made and how to prevent them, timelines and getting materials to a project on time, making layouts that are both beautiful and functional for the space, you name it-we learned it on that project and it was the most rewarding thing I've done. 
5. Tell us about a project which has been your greatest achievement.
I  always say that spaces can be both beautiful and functional so I would have to say Beauty and Function but Budget is just as important.
Gloria Venato - Photo by Margaret Wright
Gloria Venato - Photo by Margaret Wright

6. What aspect is more attractive to you in design? Appeal or practicality? 

Oh I'm a practicality person all the way although as I  said before-I  think you can have both.
7. How would you describe your work style?
My goal is to always be up front, honest, easy going, passionate and driven about my work. Because I  love what I  do so much it comes naturally

You can get more information on Megan Molten Interior Design by visiting her website at

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