White on Trend: Bianco Rhino

Bianco Rhino is a luxurious and fashionable white marble with light veining that originates from Namibia, Africa. The subtle white or beige tones complimented by grey to gold veining give this marble an elegant, understated appeal. Bathroom applications are ideal for this natural stone, and it is also perfect for fireplace surrounds due to its heat resistance.

Emily, author of Eleven Gables blog, has been working on remodeling her home ever since she purchased it in 2006.  Along with her husband and four young sons, she lives in a picturesque home with eleven gables, hence the name of the blog.  She visited our Oklahoma City location a few months ago and fell in love with a slab of Bianco Rhino marble.  Emily had been longing to update the fireplace in her living room, having given the old fireplace surround the nickname “petrified vomit!”

Here are the before and after living room fireplace photos:


After the fireplace install, there was enough Bianco Rhino left over to create a table top for this ornate console table, in the entryway to the home.


In this close up photo, you can see the light veining in the marble.


Emily commented: “When I saw the Bianco Rhino, I knew it would be perfect for my remodel. The new marble top took the console table up a notch, and replacing the old, dark fireplace surround made such a difference to the light in our formal living room. The white marble works perfectly with contrasting blue and white accessories to make each room pop.”

Read more about Emily’s amazing home remodel here. Choose the location closest to you to browse our collection of white marble here. All our locations carry marble, but availability of Bianco Rhino is not guaranteed. Please check with your closest location for availability.