Stone purchasing trip to Brazil

Brazil-tripPacific Shore Stones owner Marco Pereira travelled to Brazil in February to visit quarries, suppliers, and attend the world-famous Vitoria Stone Fair. They are pictured here in Espirito Santo, in the South-East of Brazil, a region where many famous granite colors are from.

The trip enabled them to hand-select new material for our warehouses. They purchased over 150 containers, predominately light colored granite, quartzites and even some marbles. Even though Brazil is not famous for its marble, more and more marble quarries are being discovered in Brazil. There’s currently a trend towards marbles and Brazil has some interesting options.

All in all, the pair logged more than 1,400 miles driving around the different quarries and processing plants for the two weeks they spent there. On his return from the trip, Tavares said that quarry owners are really excited about 2013 and are investing heavily in machinery. While it doesn’t yet feel like 2005 or 2006, it’s certainly better than 2008-11 when everybody was feeling the effects of the recession.