Pacific Shore Stones Opens New Distribution Center in Houston, TX

Austin, Texas – September 21, 2015  Representatives with Pacific Shore Stones recently announced the opening of a new distribution center in Pasadena, Texas close to the port of Houston. The 52,000 square foot warehouse is dedicated to storing up to 15,000 slabs, providing a wide selection of material from core colors to high end exotics, as well as quartz and Neolith. Four five-ton overhead cranes have been installed at the facility to enable the efficient maneuvering of material.

Pacific Shore Stones Operating Partner Vinny Tavares said: “The proximity of the new distribution center to the port of Houston allows us to optimize our distribution of material and to offer our customers better value than ever.” Operating Partner Marco A. Pereira added: “We are thrilled to be able to keep pushing forward with our expansion plans, and the new distribution center is an integral part. We look forward to increased efficiency, choice and value for all our clients.”

The new distribution center supplies seven Pacific Shore Stones locations across the central region situated in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. In addition, it allows for the scheduling of regular deliveries to customers in territories not directly serviced by one of the current Pacific Shore Stones locations.  The facility is able to service clients in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Minnesota.

The opening of the new distribution center is in line with the continuing expansion plans for Pacific Shore Stones in coming years.

About Pacific Shore Stones

Pacific Shore Stones is a leading importer and wholesaler of exotic natural stones. Established in 2004, the company offers a wide selection of granite, marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, soapstone and engineered stone. Pacific Shore Stones has developed joint ventures with quarries across the world, built on strong relationships, providing access to the finest blocks. The company owners regularly visit quarries in places such as Brazil, Italy, Spain, India and Turkey, enabling them to keep up with new trends and to purchase unique stones.

The company distributes high quality, hand selected stone through 15 company-owned distribution centers across the U.S. Each center has a large inventory of over 120 colors plus knowledgeable staff delivering expertise and first class customer service.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company also has distribution centers in Arroyo Grande, Bakersfield, Birmingham, Charleston, Fresno, Greenville, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Oxnard, San Antonio, Springdale, and Tulsa.