Creative natural stone ideas for your home

Natural stone is a great choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, and is often seen in both these rooms in the home. But the beauty of natural stone can be used in many other applications to create an amazing statement piece for your home. Have you ever considered using it to create a beautiful fireplace or an accent wall, backdrop or shower wall?  Here are some creative ideas for using stone. Here’s some creative natural stone ideas for your home.


Many types of natural stone are ideally suited to fireplace surrounds, because of their durability and resistance to heat. White macaubas quartzite was used creatively in this room for a stand-out modern fireplace. The quartzite was cut from the slab into smaller sections and then given different texture finishes, such as leathering and honing to create this amazing piece of art. The end result is a beautiful, interesting focal point for the room which naturally draws the eye in.

Feature walls

Using a slab of stone as a backdrop can create a striking statement feature. This piece of iceberg blue calcite behind the mirror works wonderfully to frame and showcase the mirror and adds its own dimension of texture and interest to the room. The application is not conventional like the usual countertop or vanity usage, but makes a beautiful backdrop feature for this room.

Fire pits

The growing trend for outdoor kitchens and entertaining has in turn created an increase in demand for fire pits. As homeowners look to make the most of the space in their homes both indoors and outdoors, natural stone can offer a unique look for a fire pit as the focal point for backyard entertaining, with an array of color choices.

Utility Rooms

Don’t forget – stone is not just for kitchen and bathrooms! High traffic areas like utility rooms also benefit from the long lasting benefits of stone countertops. In this room the white ice granite countertops work well together with the clean, white lines of the cabinets giving the room a functional, modern feel.