Stone of the Season: Soapstone

If you’re looking for a timeless traditional look, soapstone is for you. Because it lasts forever, you do not need to worry about your countertops becoming outdated. Soapstone is nonporous and nonabsorbent which makes it a good material for countertops and sinks because it is hygienic and will not harbor bacteria. Soapstone will last forever because even if it lightly scratches, it can be taken care of with mineral oil and regular oiling will maintain its natural appearance. Due to the characteristics mentioned above, soapstone countertops are easy to clean and maintain by simply using soap and water with a soft sponge. It almost always has a muted gray (Soapstone Barroca), gray-blue (Soapstone Porto Alegre), or black (Soapstone Cartorio) coloring with white veins running across the stone and most options pair well with the modern, bright white kitchen.

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Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2022

At the beginning of this year, Benjamin Moore came out with a mix and match palette of color trends to kick-off 2022. The colors range from Mysterious, which is a denim blue shade, to neutrals such as Natural Linen and the color of the year, along with 11 others for a total of 14 shades. The pale shades awaken the senses, the earth tones provide a sense of grounding, and the primary shades are refreshing and exemplify personal style. These 14 colors make way to endless possibilities when selecting countertops. The primaries pair well with a neutral-toned natural stone or white quartz so that the paint can do the talking. The neutral earthy shades allow for brighter, more unique natural stone options to come into play, such as the bold and beautiful Cosmopolitan or Cristallo Tiffany quartzites. With tons of paint colors and stone designs at your fingertips, you have the option to choose what you want the focus of your space to be: colorful walls that express your personality or a piece of art as the countertop that makes a bold statement.


Reno Grand Opening

The newest Pacific Shore Stones showroom is officially open to the public. We are pleased to report that the Mardi Gras-themed grand opening celebration was successful. We gathered with many partners and industry professionals on a chilly Thursday night and indulged in southern cuisine, surface product knowledge, live music, and networking! Following the event, the showroom has welcomed residents of Reno and its surrounding areas to view our extensive inventory of natural stones and engineered surfaces such as quartz and porcelain. Our Reno team looks forward to building relationships within the community and helping through all design stages, from reading blueprints to stone selection to installing the final product.


Outdoor Living

As we are well into Spring, it is staying light out later, the weather is heating up, and we can enjoy more time outdoors! As we continue into the Summer, it gets increasingly popular to expand your lifestyle into your yard and use it as a place to spend your free time. It’s about taking those elements of everyday life that can be done outdoors and doing just that! Whether it be gardening, physical fitness, or cooking, time outside is good for the soul. It is known to reduce stress, boost creativity, and improve your immune system and mood! An outdoor kitchen is an excellent idea for extending the home. It can make a great space by adding lighting, plants, furniture, and a barbeque. At Pacific Shore Stones, you can find several surfaces suitable for the outdoors to make that dreamy outdoor kitchen you’ve envisioned come to life.  
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Coverings 2022

As we all know, Coverings is the Super Bowl of the tile and stone industry and just took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The renowned event has been going strong for 31 years now, showcasing the best of ceramic tile and natural stone. Every year, tile, stone, and design industry professionals attend coverings to explore the latest and greatest trends, tools, technology, and product introductions. Our team was able to attend and discover new porcelain and natural stone products but also innovative protective liquids for polishing the surfaces and increasing the security of the large format ceramic tiles. There were also learning opportunities throughout the week that covered topics such as materials and trends and fabrication and installation. We are already looking forward to next year in Orlando!

The Travertine Comeback

Due to its creamy color, warm feel, and natural surface, travertine is making a comeback. The sandy irregular color pattern of travertine plays well with bright colors making it easy to mix and match colors in the home. Its color is a main reason for the increase in popularity because it appeals to a variety of design preferences. It's making a name for itself as the “new” neutral. Try pairing a bold, bright, natural stone island such as Cristallo Tiffany or Cosmopolitan quartzites with travertine surrounding countertops or even a dining room table using travertine as the table top. Natural organic design is predicted to dominate kitchen and bath designs over the next few years and elements such as natural wood tones and clean lines together with travertine create a minimalist effect that is completely timeless.

New Hires

Springdale: Lauren Larios
Irvine: Giovanna Vac Saraiva, Stefhan Souza
Arroyo Grande: Mollie Gill
Oxnard: Scott Goetting 
Modesto: Martin Iniguez 
Sacramento: Ryan Corder, Craig Mullen
Bakersfield: Robert Torres
Tulsa: Rachel Coleman
OKC: Kailey Evans