Porcelain is a ceramic material made by heating clay-type materials to high temperatures. It has a white, fine-grained body that is usually translucent. Long ago, porcelain was known as a delicate, decorative material used for beautiful china. However, today’s porcelain is a durable, heavy-duty surface material that can stand its own against other natural surfaces. Porcelain slabs, often used for countertops or flooring, match quartz and granite in terms of their strength. It is scratch, stain, heat, and UV resistant meaning that you can enjoy this essentially worry-free surface option. Porcelain is desirable because of its ease of maintenance since it is easy to clean and does not stain.
Porcelain slabs are manufactured to be hygienic and reduce the opportunity for mildew and mold to grow because they are non-porous. Because of this, they do not need to be sealed like natural stone. For regular cleaning, use a warm damp cloth but for more stubborn marks, a simple sponge with stain remover will do the job. Although porcelain is scratch-resistant and non-porous, we do not recommend using steel wool pads or cleaning products with hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives. The best way to ensure the impeccable status of your porcelain countertops is to be diligent and clean up spills right away.

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Arabescato Renoir B
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Arabescato Renoir Pacshore Tech $1600 per slab

Calacatta Absolute Pacshore Tech $1600 per slab
Statuario Extra Pacshore Tech $1600 per slab

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We’re constantly receiving new shipments of natural and engineered stone surfaces, varying in color and style, from quarries around the world.

Spacious Showroom


This new, nearly 16,000 square foot showroom in Reno is located off the oak tree-lined, picturesque Longley Lane and offers a favorable selection of natural stone including basic and exotic marbles, granites, and quartzites. In addition to the full size natural stone selection, Dekton ultracompact surfaces and quartz brands such as Caesarstone, Compac, Cambria, Silestone, and LG Viatera are also available.
Our staff is equipped with several years of experience ranging from customer service, to management and ownership in the design industry. Our general manager, Scott, brings 38 years of experience in not only solid surfaces but sales, construction, management and even ownership with 20 of those years owning a design center dealing with flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and installation. Our sales associate, Ali, will provide an excellent customer experience as she possesses 10 years in the customer service position. Allen, our warehouse manager, has 30 years of experience and is an expert in OSHA safety regulations.

The Reno staff encourages you to bring your camera to any showroom visit to take photos of the slabs because with the wide variety in stock, many favorites can be overlooked. It is also a good idea to bring samples of other aspects of your project, including any backsplash tiles or cabinets in an effort to select the stone that matches best.

This location is open to the public and caters to residential and commercial projects of any size. Whether you are looking to remodel an existing home or taking on a new project, Pacific Shore Stones Reno can guide you in selecting the right stone to meet your design needs.