New Year Stone of the Season

From Fall to Winter and into the new year, Bianco Superiore Quartzite remains a hot ticket item when it comes to countertop selection. Although this material resembles marble in appearance, it is much harder and more durable making it perfect to use in high traffic areas without the worry of scratching and staining. The white canvas with gray and taupe veining brings a touch of modernity to even farmhouse and rustic kitchens and can easily be paired with several design elements due to the neutral color scheme.

 Stone of the season

2021 Pantone Dynamic Duo

The well-known color trend forecaster, Pantone, announced its Color of the Year for 2021. For only the second time in this program’s history, they brought together two colors instead of one. These top two spots are Ultimate Gray, a familiar neutral color, and Illuminating which is a lemony yellow shade that symbolizes hope for a brighter year. These two colors set the tone for the year by influencing what we buy from clothes to vehicles, to home design and decor. Pantone Color Institute vice president expressed that one color alone could not express the moment we are living in but that “the pairing of two independent colors helped to highlight how different elements can come together to express a message.”

2021 pantone dynamic duo

Top 3 Kitchen & Bath Trends for 2021

Chic & easy to clean: As we continue to be mostly home-bound while COVID-19 continues, one's home is becoming more of a sacred place. Homeowners are investing in non-porous and low maintenance surface options for kitchens. Quartz is continuing to be a top contender because it’s a non-porous, engineered stone that is easy to care for without sacrificing the beauty of the stone.

1- Pacshore Quartz Calacatta Colorado kitchen

Marble Marvel: Say goodbye to the all-white kitchens and hello to wood, nature toned colors, metal accents, and a modern vibe. Marbles that feature dramatic veining will be mostly desired this year to create a rich warm feel.

2- The pioneer woman Bianco Rhino marble

Mood-boosting jewel tones: Designers and homeowners are on the hunt for rich, saturated hues from jewel tones such as our Cosmopolitan and Tiffany Quartzites to earthy tones such as our Mont Blanc and Taj Mahal Quartzites that are sure to be the bold, statement piece of the home.

3- Cosmopolitan

Holiday Light

Over the holiday season, it was a company-wide goal for all Pacific Shore Stones locations to give back and shine a light for those going through tough times. Each store partnered with a local organization to collect food and or gifts to provide for those in need. One in particular that we had the honor to support was Toys For Tots, a nation-wide organization run by the USMC Reserve which provides toys to children whose parents could not afford to buy them Christmas gifts.
toys for tots

COVID Business

COVID-19 has changed the way we all do business. In a year where we’ve all had to adapt to swings in demand and the way we provide our products, we’ve explored new ways to safely reach our clientele. At the beginning of the pandemic when everyone was unsure of how businesses would operate, we had the opportunity to lean into technical avenues of approach and offer our products in new innovative ways. We offered Zoom meetings to our clients that wanted to view countertop selections from the comfort of their home, virtual tours of our warehouses on social media in which we highlighted new materials for viewing without having to visit our stores, and even one on one appointments for those that wanted to be alone in the showroom. At all Pacific Shore Stones locations, we continue to follow CDC guidelines to provide the safest and healthiest environments for our clients and our staff while we navigate through these difficult times.

Giving Back

We are proud to have been able to participate in a project with the Gary Sinise Foundation to provide granite countertops for a specially adapted smart home for a wounded veteran and his family in Vista, California through their R.I.S.E. (Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment) program! The family visited our Irvine location and wound up selecting our Persa White granite for the kitchen and Absolute Black leathered granite for their bathroom.
Pac Shore-3

HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous

In the new 13-episode run, Dave and Jenny Marrs continue to overhaul old homes in Northwest Arkansas while raising 5 children and managing a family farm. On the 12/29 episode of Fixer to Fabulous on HGTV, Dave and Jenny showcase our exclusive line of quartz used in the kitchen of the fixer-upper: Palau Pacshore Quartz. Our quartz is NSF certified making it hygienic for use in the kitchen, extremely durable, and scratch-resistant while boasting a consistent design resembling natural stone options.
HGTV fixer to fab

What’s the latest in San Antonio?!

Pacific Shore Stone’s Latest Concept: Elements Room by Pacific Shore Stones.
In response to the growing demand for an elevated shopping experience for your new countertop, Pacific Shore Stones is pleased to bring our latest concept, Elements Room by Pacific Shore Stones, to San Antonio. Providing the same great value while striving to provide a superior customer experience, Elements Room offers a curated selection of the best in natural stone, quartz, porcelain, and other premium surfaces.

Located less than a half-mile away from the former Pacific Shore Stones location where they served San Antonio and greater South Texas for over 12 years, you can now find Elements Room at 1211 Arion Pkwy in Suite 112. Now an indoor showroom, Elements Room is elevating the stone selection process in San Antonio to provide an array of products including, but not limited to marble, granite, quartzite, porcelain, and premier quartz brands such as Caesarstone, Cambria, Compac, and their line called Pacshore Quartz.

Elements Room - San Antonio

New Hires

Tulsa - Whitney Maslen

Little Rock - Lynette Oquinn 

Sacramento - Gregory Seay, Luis Escobar 

Arroyo Grande - Eduardo Arevalo 

Elements Room N. Hollywood - Debbie Tiblier, Diego Cabrera, Robert Belk, Juan Cabrera

North Hollywood - Nicolas Perez

Oklahoma City - Taylor Chambers, Brittany Deemer, Robert Hull

Bakersfield - Kim Quintero, Rafael Raya

Modesto - James Vaz

Elements Room San Antonio - Claudia Cardenas