Treasure Hunting in Brazil – Seeking Super Exotic Stones

When you visit a granite warehouse, do you ever wonder how the stone got there? We made a video to show the process and how we fulfill our promise of “bringing the journey to you”.

Our company owners personally travel overseas to hand-select stone, because this is the only guaranteed way to find the very best quality and discover stones which are new to the market. Forming good relationships with quarry owners opens doors to a myriad of choices. Owner Vinny Tavares recently made a trip to Brazil, specifically seeking out super exotics like quartzites, some of which have never been seen before in the US market. At Pacific Shore Stones, we see a lot of demand for exotic stone countertops so we aim to provide a wide selection of these slabs for you to choose from, as well as core colors.

While Brazil is very famous for its granite slabs, several other stone types are also produced there. On this trip Vinny traveled to the state of Espirito Santo, just north of Rio de Janiero, which is a famous stone extraction and production center. Quarries in this state are spread out and can be time consuming and difficult to visit due to the rugged and mountainous terrain, but the reward of finding new stone is well worth the effort.

Stones selected on this visit which are new to the market include several quartzites, a granite and a marble. Matrix, which is a granite, has been around for years but while processing plants have normally used different finishes on the material like honed or brushed this is the first time this 3D effect was accomplished with a completely new method of finishing slabs.

Also new to the market is Maskla marble and Alexandrita, Azzure and Gabana quartzite.

Be sure to stop by your local Pacific Shore Stones warehouse to check out the exotic granite and marble plus many other beautiful stone choices.