Polarstone™ quartz skillfully combines timeless marble patterns with superior quartz technology, enabling a wide range of application options.

Polarstone uses their Chencor Machinery to produce natural, marble-design quartz surfacing, which results in three-­dimensional marble veins changing in shape, color, and size throughout each slab while achieving the identical natural translucency of marble.

Polarstone is comprised of 88% to 95% quartz crystal in a resin binder and is stronger than granite, non-porous, and highly heat and scratch resistant.

15 year Warranty: Polarstone backs all installed surface projects with a 15-year limited warranty, which provides coverage for structural manufacturing defects.

Polarstone is currently available from our west coast locations.

Advantages of Polarstone

  • Heat, scratch and stain-resistant
  • Non-porous
  • 15 year limited warranty
  • NSF and Greenguard certified