Pacific partners and fabricators attend Stonexpo in Las Vegas

MIA Happy HourPacific Shore Stones operating partners Vinny Tavares and Marco Pereira hosted several fabricator clients for a trip to StonExpo in late January.  Participants spent three nights in Las Vegas, and enjoyed visiting the Stonexpo conference, a group dinner and a show before heading home. As part of the Stonexpo, Mike Ingraham from the Tulsa location attended the MIA Safety Meeting. Pacific Shore Stones is proud to have recently become a member of the MIA safety committee, and we look forward to forging strong relationships in this field and contributing to the meetings going forward. In support of the MIA, we also sponsored the happy hour this year as part of our ten year anniversary celebrations.

Also in attendance at the Stonexpo was Mike Taylor, tools rep for the Oklahoma and Arkansas region. He enjoyed meeting with various suppliers and looking at new products, as well as taking part in fruitful discussions with one of our largest tool suppliers, Diamax. Pacific Shore Stones operating partner Marco Pereira said: “We very much enjoyed hosting fabricators at the Stonexpo this year, and would like to extend our thanks to all those who participated. There was a solid energy and enthusiasm at the Stonexpo event and we’re looking forward to a positive year ahead in the stone industry.”