Kitchen Trends: The Rise of the Super Kitchen

Kitchens are often regarded as the heart of the home, and a recent survey on kitchens and kitchen layouts by Houzz found that almost half of respondents were spending between three and four hours a day in their kitchens. This has led to the emergence of the “super kitchen”, a term used to reflect the importance of the kitchen as the most popular, most utilized room in the house, no longer considered just a room for cooking but also for entertaining, watching TV, socializing and doing work or homework.  The growing desire to open up the kitchen to other rooms in the home is also evident, with almost half of respondents planning to do this as part of a kitchen remodel.

Another interesting trend noted in the survey is that with the wealth of online data and images available at our fingertips today, homeowners are spending longer making plans for remodeling. More than half of the Houzz respondents who remodeled their kitchens took longer than six months making plans.

Kitchen layouts trends

Kitchen Layouts Facination

U-shaped kitchen layouts are the most popular, with the layout working well for smaller homes, condos,  and apartments. Interestingly, U-shaped is the most popular for people updating their kitchen layout as well as for people remodeling and keeping their existing kitchen layout.  L-shaped is the second most popular choice.  In terms of kitchen style, a transitional, contemporary design is the most popular.

Kitchen cabinet and wall color trends

Respondents to the survey strongly preferred the clean, modern look of white cabinets, with 38% opting to install white cabinets in their kitchens. The most popular door style for updated kitchen cabinets was shaker. Kitchen wall color choices remained neutral, with gray and beige being the top choices for kitchen paint colors, followed by white.

Countertop and backsplash trends

Multi-colored countertops are the most popular choice, closely followed by white, then black, gray and beige.   In terms of countertop material, durability is the main concern for most homeowners when they remodel, and granite was the top choice for 45% of respondents. Engineered quartz was the second most popular choice at 26%, followed by quartzite at 14%.  About a quarter of those surveyed used two or more different materials for their countertops, reflecting the trend for different island and perimeter colors and surfaces. The most popular backsplash color choice was white, followed by multi-colored, beige and gray.


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