Kitchen Trends: Spring 2018

As we dive into spring, new kitchen trends are emerging in the design world, particularly with remodels. In a recent study by Houzz, 1700 respondents around the world participated in a study on kitchen trends that are influencing spring renovations. During this study, it was concluded that some major trends were: obsessing over de-cluttering kitchen space, engineered quartz gaining popularity over granite, the shift to shaker cabinetry, styles in transition, and the rise in technology.

Kitchen Trends by Areas

Houzz linked the studying of these trends to which areas they are most popular in: rural, suburban and urban. Most kitchens being renovated in 2017-2018 have been in suburban areas with a whopping 59%, compared to rural and urban. Engineered quartz is in high demand for countertops and such, hitting 43% this year in the suburban and urban areas, while granite is still favored in the rural parts of America.

Motivations to start a kitchen remodel come from three main reasons: the homeowner cannot stand their old kitchen, a new home was just purchased so the owner wants to add their touch, or the homeowner has always dreamt of remodeling but now finally has the financial means to execute the renovation.

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Average Budgets on Larger Vs. Smaller Kitchens

It was found that during a kitchen makeover, most homeowners are likely to splurge on countertops, appliances, and cabinets while trying to save on light fixtures, flooring and backsplashes. The average budget needed for the complete renovation of what is considered a large kitchen is $42,000 compared to a small kitchen at almost $26,000. In regards to kitchen upgrading, instead of a home remodel, countertops are among the highest with 94% of the people saying this is the first aspect they would fix, closely followed by sinks, backsplashes, and wall finish.

Kitchen Trends

Of all of these kitchen renovations happening, 87% of them are actually changing the whole style of the kitchen. This year transitional design is the most desired compared to contemporary and farmhouse. Most participants, 63%, provide that storage is a main component in their new kitchen. Following the desire to easily store and find kitchen items is the need to make the kitchen a space where it is easy to work, play and live, as well as easy to clean and entertain.

Kitchen Trends

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Kitchen Trends

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