Kitchen trends – Grey is the new white

Keeping up with kitchen trends is very important in the natural stone business. At Pacific Shore Stones, we are proud to offer help and advice to everyone who visits our showrooms. Lately, we have seen an increasing trend for grey kitchen countertops. White has been a popular countertop choice for several years, and is still a one of the most popular choices, but we are seeing more customers seeking out and using grey in their kitchens.

Customers are selecting grey for the countertop itself, or looking for a countertop color to complement other grey kitchen components such as cabinets or backsplashes. Granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, onyx, travertine, limestone and quartz all present beautiful grey countertop choices. Here are some of the grey slabs which have arrived at our showrooms recently.

Modern grey is being paired with warmer tones like natural wood rather than the old, colder style grey with stainless appliances. Grey cabinets are gaining popularity with clients seeking warmer tones of grey to complement their open concept kitchens.

The owners of Pacific Shore Stones personally travel overseas to visit quarries and hand-select stone several times a year. This frequent purchasing and involvement in the selection of material allows them to respond quickly to emerging trends.