Kitchen and bathroom remodeling trends from held a recent webinar to share the results of a user survey they carried out to find out about kitchen and bath remodeling trends. Here are some key findings from the webinar, which was presented by David Mayer, Director of Community at Houzz.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Adding a kitchen island is a popular choice.
Adding a kitchen island is a popular choice.

Two thirds of people remodeling their kitchens are not enlarging the room, but want to add a feeling of space, for example adding a kitchen island. 61% of those surveyed planned to add an island.

Granite and quartz dominate countertop choices, with many people mixing and matching for the island. 94% of people surveyed planned to change their kitchen countertops. Of those, 50% want granite, with 36% opting for quartz and 10% for marble.

People still love stainless steel appliances, with 65% of respondents choosing stainless over white or other color choices. For the kitchen color scheme, 75% of respondents chose soft and neutral colors, with 14% choosing bright and colorful, and just 11% going for a bold and dramatic look.

Bathroom remodeling trends

White cabinets and silver toned faucets reflect the current trend.
White cabinets and silver toned faucets reflect the current trend.

The master bathroom is the most popular bathroom to remodel, with 60% of respondents working on this bathroom. In the master bathroom, white cabinets are the most popular choice, followed by medium and dark wood cabinets.

Rainfall showerheads are increasingly popular with the younger demographic, with 45% of respondents under 45 choosing this option. 43% of respondents said they didn’t mind not having a tub, but of those who did want one, freestanding tubs were the most popular style.

Silver-tone is the most popular faucet color, with brushed nickel being the top choice, closely followed by chrome and stainless. Nickel and bronze were the least popular faucet choices.

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