Stone of the Season

Cristallo Quartzite is one of the most durable yet beautiful natural stone options, although you wouldn’t think so with its crystalline, glass-like appearance. Essentially, it combines the best of both worlds: the stunning, intricate veining most marbles portray, with the durability of granite. The compact, crystalline structure makes it heat, frost, and scratch resistant and it can even be backlit to create a soft glow or a fun effect using color changing LED’s. Like most natural stones, the appearance of Cristallo can vary quite a bit from slab to slab. This depends on the location of installation and the exposure to the outside elements can affect the color and features.  


Warm Stone Surfaces

While the stark white Carrara marble is undoubtedly timeless, designers are steering away this season. Rich, rust, sandy hues with warm tones are fit for the fall color palettes and provide a cozy comfy feel. Get the look with Travertine or warm-toned marble such as Crema Marfil. Our newest Noir Laurent Pacshore Tech porcelain fits a warm, moody palette and creates a luxurious, sophisticated space. Pairing these surface options with sculptural accents like art and decorative pieces will create a space to fall in love with. Warm tones are typically neutral and will therefore make it easy to pair any trending designs with the surface you select.  

Noir Laurent

Habitat for Humanity Collaboration

Pacific Shore Stones is extremely honored to be a part of a passionate project with the San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity. “Building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter” is the motto and through the gift of quartz countertops, we were able to help a family’s dream! The recipient of this project was a mother of two children trying to make a living after the passing of her beloved husband last year. To make ends meet, the mother started a baking business but due to the condition of her kitchen, she was renting space from a restaurant to use their kitchen and produce her baked goods. 

With the help of San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity connecting us with this family, the kitchen remodel and brand-new quartz countertops will allow this woman to obtain her cottage license and grow her business from home to provide for her family. When it comes to food preparation, quartz is a perfect choice because it is non-porous and hygienic, meaning bacteria will not harbor and grow! 

After the remodel, while connecting with the homeowner, she said that “the quartz countertops are [her] favorite part of the whole kitchen! As a baker – being able to roll out dough on the seamless countertops without worrying about crevices and grout is a life changer." This is truly the best part of giving and being a part of these projects – seeing how we can impact the lives of others. We wish this Pasadena family the best of luck with this business and hope that these quartz countertops are the start of something great! 


Mikado Quartz Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of Mikado Quartz in our California markets! We take pride in offering our loyal customers the best variety of surfaces in the game and therefore, are always looking to expand our offerings. To celebrate Mikado Quartz now being available, our Modesto team hosted an event to showcase the newly available quartz options, plus installed a kitchen vignette using Serenity Gold so that you can see and feel how this material could be used in the home. We invite you to visit our showrooms throughout California to check out this new surface option.  


Overby Overhaul

Back in Spring of this year, our Springdale location was approached to be a part of a collaboration called the Overby Overhaul. The amazing commercial and residential Interior Designer, Lee Anne Stelte, teamed up with the well-known social media star Jo Johnson Overby to tackle the remodeling of her dream home. 

It started with complete demolition of their kitchen and bathroom spaces, torn down to the studs. That is when Lee Anne brought Jo into our showroom to select the material that would be used for the brand-new kitchen and master bathroom. Upon their visit, Jo selected Monet Marble for the bathroom countertops (dual vanities) with the thick edge that she “loved the look of with the suspended mirrors and modern fixtures that they chose for the sink.” They also took that Monet marble into the shower where they clad one wall and it paired oh so well with the sage tile on the other walls. 

For the kitchen, they went with the bold Calacatta Viola marble on the backsplash and perimeter as their statement piece. Sourced from one of Italy’s oldest quarries, Viola showcases rich red wine veining over a creamy white base that makes for a dramatically elegant upgrade to any space. To complement the marble, Jo selected Hermitage Matte Cambria quartz which features delicate gold veining swirls with a waterfall edge. 

jojohnsonoverbyhome20 (1)
jojohnsonoverbyhome2 (2)

Grow Your Business in NWA

Our Springdale location had an eventful October hosting two back-to-back events. The first one was an ode to growing your business in which we had a special evening with our close colleagues. Our Springdale team and clients joined in the showroom to plant succulents and decorate them with their favorite quotes as a symbol of “growing businesses” with one another. The night consisted of yummy food alongbeautiful backlit and bookmatch stone displays with a Crystal Fusion signature cocktail to match the stone.  

The following week, our Springdale team also hosted the NWA Design meeting to network with the local NWA Design community in conjunction with one of our partners, Caesarstone. On display were full size slabs of Caesarstone’s outdoor collection: Solaris. Solaris by Caesarstone is a groundbreaking collection of three colors that is changing the game for quartz use in the outdoors, the first of its kind!  


Staff Updates

TULSA: Jose Mejia 

 SAN ANTONIO: Trevor Streeter 

 LITTLE ROCK: Deshawn Epperson 

 BAKERSFIELD: Daniel Cervantes, Armando Sanchez 

 MODESTO: Irma Gomez 

 SACRAMENTO: Anthony Moss 

 IRVINE: Daniel Prado 

 CORPORATE: Armando Valdez

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