Designer Spotlight: Crickett Kinser

Crickett Kinser has been a designer for Kitchen Places in Ventura for 7 years. She graduated with her BFA in Interior Architectural Design in 2005 and has been in the kitchen and bath industry ever since.  Working for clients all over Southern California, her journey has allowed her to be a part of projects from creative-budget do it yourselfers to A-List Hollywood celebrities. Crickett also worked at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA for several years working on historical preservation design for the lot and the buildings on the lot along with space planning multi-story buildings on the lot for Blockbuster movie production. Though it was an adventure to be a part of the fun and magic, she ultimately returned to her true love, residential kitchen and bath.

  1. Go-to color for painting a kitchen? 

My favorite color for walls in kitchens is Sherwin Williams “Agreeable Gray” and my favorite white is “Pure White” (also Sherwin Williams). When it comes to favorite paint colors for cabinets, I love to go bold. One of our cabinet lines has a color called “Eucalyptus Green.” I love mixing it with white and natural wood tones.

  1. Favorite part about interior designing? 

I absolutely love my job! I enjoy the loyalty I have with certain local vendors. I take my clients shopping as part of the full service I offer. One sure stop is Pacific Shore Stones. Countertop selection is so important to the overall design. I love having the ability to help my clients express their personalities through their surroundings.

  1. How would you describe your style? 

My personal style is Mid-Century Modern: streamlined, clean, but having fun with color.

  1. Favorite trend(s) of the year? 

I am loving the zero sheen natural woods with layers of white and wood tones accented with pops of color.

  1. Where do you go to get design inspiration? 

I get tons of inspiration from Instagram… I follow many amazing designers. I also get inspiration from magazines, blogs, and honestly just my own creativity. I have so many ideas I want to do but I am just waiting for the perfect client to pair it with.

  1. What inspires you at the moment? 

Product development, such as inventive and useful kitchen gadgets are fun and inspiring. I also enjoy playing with lighting, organizational features such as pull outs and corner solutions, and tile. Tile is so much fun and I love mixing handmade artisan materials, such as Arto Brick and “Cloe” tile, with clean, sleek cabinetry, and countertops. Using traditional materials in a non traditional way. On one of my current projects we are using quartz countertop material under a floating vanity as the “toe kick”. We will incorporate under vanity lighting to set it off.

  1. What kind of work do you usually prefer? 

My favorite room to design is the kitchen. I especially enjoy creating kitchens with lots of personality and details, whether intricate or simple.


  1. What do you consider before designing? 

I have a few exercises that I do with my clients to help them figure out their style and preferences. I use online apps where they select pictures of spaces they are drawn to and then I analyse them for patterns and help them find their personal design aesthetic. Other important considerations are:

  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Lifestyle (How many people will use the space, children, pets, any special needs, is this the primary residence etc)
  • Realistic level of  maintenance (How you use the space, cleaning and organization habits)

There is much to consider when balancing the clients aesthetic with their lifestyle needs. For example I have a client right now who wants a Mediterranean style primary bath but they also want it to feel serene and spa-like. This type of project is a challenge that I thoroughly enjoy taking on. It allows me to find creative ways to merge two seemingly different aesthetics into one seamless design, producing a result that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. 

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