2019 Caesarstone Engineered Quartz Materials

As we get deeper into the new year, new engineered quartz materials are released from Caesarstone, the premier quartz brand carried in all of our locations across the country. In California, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina, we have a large selection of Caesarstone quartz in stock at all times, awaiting selection for the upcoming project!

Empira White

Caesartone Engineered Quartz

Empira White boasts a white surface sprinkled with soft black veining throughout while mimicking a timeless Calacatta marble. The intertwining of the neutral colors and movement in this material create an urban look that is perfect for bar tops, counters, and islands because of its surefire longevity.


Caesartone Engineered Quartz

Primordia consists of a cloudy grey base that mimics concrete, with rust toned veining placed evenly throughout. It combines the look of natural and industrial elements to create a rustic look with a rough texture.

Black Tempal

Caesartone Engineered Quartz

Black Tempal is a dark quartz that was created by the inspiration of the night sky and ocean tide during the dark of the night. It has a composition of mineral-like layers and captures the attributes of natural stone such as travertine. This surface contains splashes of dark grey across a black base with hints of whites and yellows.


Caesartone Engineered Quartz

Due to the consumers’ desire for metallic finishes, bronze, steel and cast iron have come together to create the new Oxidian quartz. This material showcases a matte, steel grey background with a russet effect that is scattered unevenly throughout the base. The elements create an aged but trendy look to the surface while remaining durable and easy to care for.

Caesarstone engineered quartz surfaces are guaranteed to combine the important factors of beauty and performance to provide you with the design of your dreams. Come shop at any of our locations to select a durable, low maintenance, heat, scratch and stain resistant material for your next project.

2 thoughts on “2019 Caesarstone Engineered Quartz Materials”

  1. How does. engineered ceasarstone compare with granite or natural quartz on: 1. durability, 2. stain resistance, 3. heat resistance 4, weight 5. cost? 6. Does it come in slabs or is it engineered per size specifications. . 7. What’s the largest size available? 8. What guarantees are available? 9. Edge choices?
    Thanks for you candid response to these questions.

    1. Hi Carol,
      When comparing Caesarstone quartz to natural stone, pricing is comparable and you will find a similar price range. Quartz is hard and non-porous, making it durable and easy to clean without the need of a sealant. Quartz is scratch, stain, crack and heat resistant and Caesarstone offers a residential limited warranty. The slab dimensions of Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces are 56½” X 120″ (Original) and 64½ X 131½” (Jumbo). Original slabs are available in 1.3 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm, and jumbo slabs are available in 2 cm or 3 cm. For more information visit our Caesarstone webpage https://www.pacificshorestones.com/caesarstone.

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